Making The PERFECT Cheese Board!

Making The PERFECT Cheese Board!

Want to make the perfect cheese board? Follow our brief instructions, and create a memorable event for you and your friends & family!


Creating A Perfect Cheese Board Is Fun And Easy!  


Create the perfect cheese board by choosing a number of different types of cheese.  For the ideal balance of flavors, we recommend a mix of goat cheese, blue cheese, a cheese with a bloomy rind, a washed rind cheese, and a hard or semi-hard cheese.  Compliment your board with delicious garnishes like seasonal fruits, olives, grapes, nuts, a selection of crackers, and a cut baguette!


We also recommend that you serve an uneven number of cheeses (e.g. 3, 5, or 7).  Assume that each person will eat 2-3 ounces of each cheese, but this may decrease with the more cheeses you select, and may vary depending on other appetizers that may be prepared.  Also, be sure to serve your cheese at room temperature for an optimal taste experience. 


Some cheeses we recommend:

   - Hard Cheese: Manchego

   - Semi-hard: Gouda

   - Bloomy Rind:  Brie or Camenbert

   - Washed Rind: Epoisses

   - Blue:  Roquefort or Cambozola

   - Goat Cheese: There are many to choose


Last but not least, be sure to place a separate cheese knife next to each piece of cheese to avoid cross-contamination and keep the flavors pure!   Every cheese has its own individual structure and it is easiest to cut each with its designated knife (e.g. some knives are designed for hard cheese while others are designed for soft cheeses). 


If you need a board, or cheese knives, please see out great selection HERE.  


That's all there is to it.  Let the entertaining begin!



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