Scented Candle Cherry Blossom 9.7 oz - Panier Des Sens

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Panier Des Sens "Cherry Blossom" Candle - 9.7 Oz.

The delicately musky cherry blossom fragrance reveals voluptuous, elegant notes that will transport you to an orchard in bloom.

With a unique blend of 100% plant-based sunflower and soya waxes, this handmade candle will diffuse the fragrance of cherry blossoms throughout your home for nearly 50 hrs. Its elegant, voluptuous notes will transport you to the heart of a flowering orchard.

  • Head notes: tart, fruity freshness of blackcurrant.
  • Head notes: delicate scent of cherry buds and blossoms.
  • Base notes: dark, musky woods contrasting with feminine gentleness of the perfume’s floral heart.
  • Fragrance: Cherry Blossom. 
  • Approximate Burn Time: 50 hours
  • Made in France
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