Lotions, Creams & Hand Washes


Body Cream:  Mistral ultra-nourishing body cream covers your skin in a light, silky texture, leaving it immediately moisturized, satiny, soft and delicately fragranced. 

Hand Cream:  Mistral hand cream treats dry or damaged skin while preserving and maintaining healthy moisture levels. This richly textured cream with 20% organic shea butter keeps your hands noticeably smoother and softer, leaving them gently perfumed. 

Hand Lotion:  Mistral's exclusive "soft-touch" hand lotion utilizes active organic plant ingredients to treat dry hands in a light non-greasy emulsion

Hand Wash: Enriched with natural plant extracts, Mistral hand wash gently cleanses and nourishes your hands, leaving them soft, refreshed and lightly scented.