Boska Holland Amigo Serving Board Small

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Boska Holland "Amigo" Small Serving Board  

Have something to celebrate? It's always party time with the friendly "Amigo" small Serving Board. Use it as a cheese board or to serve up desserts. Your bites will look even more delicious on this beech wood board. Dig in! This pleasant cheese and tapas board is 9 inches long (not including the handle). This board is also available in sizes medium and large size! 

Beautiful design
This board would make a wonderful addition to your spread of hors d’oeuvres due to its subtle length.  Whether you're serving cheese or tapas, every dish will get the attention it deserves on this small board. Extend the lifespan of the board by using our Boska Cheese Board Oil. A couple of sprays is enough to protect it.

Small, but not to be overlooked
Hosting just a couple of guests? Not too hungry? Just having some drinks and snacks? You're good to go with this compact version of the Tapas Amigo!

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