Boska Holland Serving Board Slate - Large

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Boska Holland Slate Serving Board (Large)

Use the Slate Serving Board to treat your guests and customers in style. Present the most delicious cheeses, tapas, or other hors d’oeuvres on this fantastic cheese board. Fresh delicacies look even more appetizing on slate. Thanks to its large size, there’s more than enough room!

Luxurious appearance
The cheese board is made of thick slate with small non-slip feet. This means the cheese board will be steady and strong on every table. Thanks to the dark color of the board, you’re creating a picture of luxury. Try writing some fun or informative text on the board with chalk. That way, your guests will immediately know what you’re serving!

Ideal to use
After eating, you can simply toss the board in the dishwasher. Still have some cheese left over? No problem! You can store it on the board in the fridge. To keep this slate cheese board looking beautiful as long as possible, give it a rub with the oil.

Approximate Dimensions:  16 inches (40 cm)  long x 12 inches (30 cm) wide.

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