At Home in the Cotswolds - By Katy Campbell - Hardcover

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"At Home In The Cotswalds" - By Katy Campbell

Design expert Katy Campbell and acclaimed photographer Mark Nicholson offer an insider’s look at the Cotswolds' most charming and inspirational private homes

Every year, Katy Campbell travels hundreds of miles to crisscross the Cotswolds in search of houses to buy for celebrities, investors, young families leaving the bustle of London, and emigres from all over the world—a group that increasingly includes Americans seeking the Cotswold Dream. Now you can travel with Katie for a design-lover’s tour of sixteen romantic Cotswold homes and their stylish, contemporary interiors. Each is a hidden gem, and, unlike the larger mansions offered for public view, most are private homes whose interiors have never been published.

A variety of design styles are featured, including a manor house, a tiny cottage, a former rectory, and a Georgian farmhouse, along with many of the homes’ adjacent gardens. Each property, and the interior design of its rooms, comes with its own intriguing story. With their distinctive honey-colored stone walls set amongst rolling hills and beautiful countryside, the décor of these houses expresses inspirational ideals of English country style that readers will love to explore and emulate.

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