Enchanting Paris - The Hedonist's Guide by Helene Rocco & Sophia an Den hoek

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Enchanting Paris - The Hedonist's Guide                                      by Helene Rocco & Sophia an Den hoek

This charming and sophisticated travelogue, guidebook, and coffee table keepsake—filled with spectacular color photography and detailed insights—that showcases aris’s stunning beauty and hidden gems.

Designed for twenty-first-century globetrotters, Enchanting Paris features stylish graphics and an elegant visual design, including a special tri-fold map that makes the city and its distinct arrondissements easy to navigate, as well as a breakdown of must-visit places, thematic double-page photographic spreads to help you discover and get to know the city, and walking routes to explore each district away from the crowds. Every fascinating detail of the city is revealed, from the splendor of its palaces to the charms of its terraces, the romanticism of its many bridges to the magnificence of its food, the wealth of its museums and cultural landmarks to the delights of its shops and stores.

Whether you prefer a more traditional visit or want to chart your own unique course, this user-friendly handbook includes everything you need—and more. Enchanting Paris offers inspiration and insight for armchair travelers and dreamers alike. Best of all, the gorgeous photography transforms the book into a keepsake that will transport you back to your favorite places and sights long after returning home.

Cover: Hardcover

Pages:  256

Approximate Dimensions: 7.75" x 10.25"


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