Busatti Olivo Selvatico - Kitchen towel (100% Cotton 24" x 28")

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Busatti Italian Linen "Selvatico" Olive Design Towel

With joy we celebrate and dedicate one of our most representative canvases to him: the Wild Olive. Wild because we wanted to combine the kindness and refinement of the olive tree (as we say in Tuscany) with the spontaneity and abruptness of the Italian hills and forests. What emerges is a refined pattern in its designs, but which maintains the resilience needed in daily use.

Since 1842, and nestled in the heart of Tuscany in Anghairi, Italy, the Busatti family has been producing handcrafted fabrics from natural linen/flax for eight generations.  Guided by Renaissance tradition, quality, and respect, these linens are simply fabulous and we know you'll be thrilled.  Perfect for your home or for gifts for family, friends or yourself!

These fabrics are of the highest quality, are completely processed in Italy. The dye is applied directly on the thread, not on the bolt, to grant a longer and more brilliant wear. Each product is finished and embellished by skilled and expert hands in Italy. You'll love these beautiful linens! 

  • Approximate Size: 24 in x 28 in (60 cm x 70 cm)
  • 60% linen, 40% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Avoid bleaching

Woven and made in ITALY. 

"Buon Appetito!"


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