Rustic French Cooking Made Easy - By Audrey Le Goff

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Rustic French Cooking Made Easy - By Audrey Le Goff


This collection of 60 unbelievably easy, delicious recipes represents the best of essential French home cooking, with an amazing variety of dishes from traditional regional cuisines.

Leave haute cuisine to fussy French restaurants and dive into simple, comforting classics. Audrey Le Goff, founder of the blog Pardon Your French, dispels the myth that real French cooking is tricky and complicated. Home cooks interested in the popular French approach to cooking for health and happiness, will delight in these authentic, approachable recipes, while devoted French cooking fans will discover delicious staples rarely tasted outside of the French family kitchen.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood in the north of France, Audrey shows readers how to cook simple fare, full of the rich, complex flavors that have made France’s food culture world-renowned. Classics like Alsatian Sauerkraut with Sausages, and Creamy Chestnut Soup are easy to master. Provencal Vegetable and Pesto Soup, from the sunny south of France, proves French food doesn’t have to be heavy or full of butter. The Thin Crusted Onion, Bacon and Cream Tart boasts incredible layers of flavor from quick caramelized onions, and the Classic Pear and Almond Tart, will blow readers away with a simple homemade frangipane. From Burgundy Cheese Puffs to Salted Caramel Butter Cake, these homey dishes are anything but humble. With friendly instructions and easy-to-find ingredients, readers will and soon feel right at home with French cooking.

About the contributor(s):

Audrey Le Goff is the creator of the cooking blog Pardon Your French, which she started when she realized real, authentic French cooking was little-known outside of France. Originally from Brittany, in the north of France, Audrey learned generations of cooking expertise from her mother and grandmother. She has a social media following over 6k. She lives in Niagara, Canada.

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