Boska Holland Cheese Baker

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Boska Holland Cheese Baker

Want to delve into a delicious baked Camembert? With our Cheese Baker, that’s a piece of cake! This small oven dish with matching lid is sized so that a Camembert will fit perfectly. It’s also suitable for fondue, stews, or other dishes. You’ll have a tasty appetizer or snack ready in a flash!

Handy size
With this porcelain oven dish, you can prepare a mini cheese fondue or bake a Camembert in a flash. You can easily keep the cheese molten and warm thanks to the base with its tea light. That means you’ve got hours of melted cheese to enjoy!

Jack of all trades
Aside from the delicious baked Camembert and yummy cheese fondues, you can also use the Cheese Baker as a handy dish for storage. Thanks to the lid, you can keep a filled Cheese Baker in the fridge. Use it for a meat or vegetable stew, or use it as an oven dish for mac & cheese. It won’t let you down!

Material: Ceramic, Cast Iron.     Capacity:  400ml.     Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 5.8 inches

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