Cheese Knife Set Mini Oslo

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Boska Holland Mini Oslo Cheese Knife Set


The Mini Oslo Cheese Knives Set is fun to have, but it's even more fun to give to someone else. You can cut through both soft and hard cheeses with ease with this wonderful set of cheese knives. Perfect for cheeses such as Brie, Gouda, goat cheese, Parmesan and more.   

Oak wood and stainless steel
Within this Cheese Knives Set, you'll find a spreading knife for fresh, spreadable cheeses, a cheesy knife for soft cheeses, a cheese knife with a presentation tip, which you can use to prick and serve semi-hard cheeses, and a hard cheese knife with a razor-sharp point, which you can use to pierce the most delicious aged and hard cheeses. Put the finishing touch on your cheese board with this charming set of mini cheese knives.

Easy to clean
After use, wash the cheese knives by hand with warm water and regular dish soap.


Brown / Silver
Wood / Ceramic
Type of wood
European oak
Type of cheese
All types of cheese
Product dimensions
135x80x20 mm / 5.31"x3.15"x0.79"
Product weight
0.08 kg / 0.17 lb
Product dimension in packaging
184x184x25 mm / 7.24"x7.24"x0.98''
Product weight in packaging
0.192 kg / 0.42 lb
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