Pizza Peel Amigo

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Boska "Amigo" Pizza Peel

The Amigo Pizza Peel is an essential tool for every pizza lover. Use it to safely remove hot pizzas from the oven or BBQ grill or to easily place unbaked pizzas in the oven. The peel is made from high quality beech wood and can also be used as a serving board.

The Amigo Pizza Peel is approximately 11.8 inches square and has a short (4 inch) handle, allowing for easy handling. It also features a handy leather cord for hanging your board when not in use.

With the right type of care, it will last you for years!
To make sure that wood stays looking good, wash your board by hand after every use. Let your board dry upright, and regularly spray it with BOSKA Board Oil to protect it for years to come.  


Compliment this board with other Boska boards in different sizes.

Material: Beech wood

Approximate Dimensions:  11.8 inches square, plus a 4 inch handle.



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