Scented Candle Cotton Flower 9.7 oz - Panier Des Sens

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Panier Des Sens "Cotton Flower" Candle - 9.7 Oz.

Fleur de Coton: The fragrance of this immaculately white candle is an invitation to gentle solace. Its signature has an airy, powder-puff quality.

The airy, powder-puff notes of this natural scented candle will fill your interior for nearly 50 hrs, thanks to its unique blend of 100% vegetable waxes. Allow yourself to be enchanted by immaculate white cotton. The scent of cotton flowers will transport you to a haze of gentleness and comfort.
Ideal to infuse your home with a fresh, delicate scent.

  • Head notes: the gentleness of rosewood. 
  • Heart notes: delicately aldehydic cotton enriched with ylang-ylang blossoms. 
  • Base notes: a counterpoint of tonka beans and white musk.
  • Fragrance: Cotton Flower. 
  • Approximate Burn Time: 50 hours
  • Made in France
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