Original Art

Stunning Original Art!  Save Now During Our Sale! 

European Splendor is pleased to bring you exceptional work of several artists including Holly Manneck, and Ewa Perz.  Stop in our store, or shop online for a wide variety of original pieces. 

Holly Manneck:  The work of Holly Manneck is currently featured on our site.  A native of Vermont, Holly has lived in many places including Norway, Germany, St. John USVI, Grand Cayman, Florida and Montana, among other places.  Holly’s process may be complex but her images are simple. They are a slice of life past and present that tell a story. As she develops a montage of images a story emerges which invites the viewer to experience the tale.  Holly uses vintage images and her own photos always choosing images that she connects with.  She hopes the viewer finds a connection that either evokes a feeling or thought. And, Holly often use images of women to give a voice and sense of empowerment. Empower your home or office with one of these masterpieces!

Ewa Perz:  Ewa Perz was born in Gdansk, Poland. There she received a masters degree in biology, but found her true passion to be in fine art. She left her job as a scientist to pursue her desire to create art. Living in Europe and Latin America before coming to the United States, paired with worldwide travel and taking classes with contemporary masters (Felo Garcia in Costa Rica, David Laffel in Santa Fe), allow Ewa an extensive visual approach to her paintings. Global cultures, styles and trends strongly influence her choices in theme. Ordinary shapes and colors are manipulated by Ewa’s expressive realism into breathtaking compositions. Her works are unique and compelling, and can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.