Mistral Candles

Sur la Route Collection:  European Splendor invites you on a colorful and fragrant road trip to some of the hidden gems in Provence.  Exquisite water color illustrations capture the journey from the northern medieval village of Grignan, where apples ripen in the fall sun, to the southern coastal city of Menton and its famed citrus festival.  (Weight:  170 gr / 6 oz)

Papiers Fantaisie Collection:  These colorful jar adds fragrance and charm to any space. Decorated with the visual artistry of textile-inspired prints, these candles are perfect for gifting or collecting and will add beauty to any room in your home while elevating your mood through scent and style.  (Weight:  200 gr / 7 oz)

Men's Collection:  Authoritative and unmistakably male, the fragrances in our men's collection express unique individuality, style and sophistication.