Doorways of Paris - Photographs by Raquel Puig

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"Doorways of Paris!" Photographs By Raquel Puig!

What's behind the doorways of world's most beautiful city?  History. Mystery. Refuge. Beauty. Love. Possibility.

With more than three hundred photos of Paris’s most enchanting doorways from Raquel Puig, Doorways of Paris presents a new way to explore the most beautiful city in the world. Organized by arrondissement so residents and visitors alike can seek out the doors as they walk, this book celebrates the glories of the city’s architecture, from Napoleonic majesty to art nouveau whimsy, Haussmannian symmetry to art deco elegance. Doorways of Paris is a portal to Parisian life that will have readers longing to find a doorway to call their own.

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Pages:  144 

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