Boska Holland Table Grater Oslo

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Boska Holland Oslo Table Grater

Want a simple way to grate cheese to go on your pizza or pasta? The Oak Table Grater is the perfect solution. With this superstar, you’ve got three options: coarse, fine, or powdered grated cheese.

Retro-chic oak wood design
The retro-chic design, made of oak wood, adds flair to every table. The grater is suitable for semi-hard to very hard cheese. With the stylish matching tray, you’ll be able to easily catch the grated cheese. Sprinkle it over your dish and dig in!

Gift idea
Due to the three different grating styles, you’ll have the ideal solution for a wide variety of dishes. The grater comes with a 10 year guarantee. That means you’ll be grating the most delicious cheeses for all your favorite recipes for many years to come. The grater comes in a gift box. Who will you delight with this great gift first?

Approximate Dimensions:  Height 11 in x width 6 in

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